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Hey y’all!

So, I think I have drafted this post three different times now.  With each draft, time just slipped away from me and what I’d written was no longer relevant.

For instance, the I began this post while I was writing a term paper for High Tech Marketing on the adoption of Electronic Medical Records…who can spell FUN!?!  The next time I started to write this post, it was the beginning of my fall “break” and time ended up getting away from me.  We call it a break at school because that makes everyone feel a little better about how hard we are working.  However, I will tell you that during my break I was on campus twice for school projects and at work for a couple of days as well.  Even with all of that going on I had so much fun this break – which is why time slipped away from me!

First, I found a local carniceria in Boulder where they sell pork hocks!!  This was a huge feat (no pun intended).  My mom and I have looked for pork hocks for some time to no avail.  In the South we use pork hocks for flavoring black-eyed-peas, field peas, and green beans.  Can you spell YUM?!?  After I met Mike I learned that he and his family regularly eat and make something similar to head cheese (which is something that we also eat in the south) called studenina.  The main difference is that his family uses pork hocks instead of pig head.   So, you can just imagine how happy we both were to have found a shop in Boulder – not the easiest town in which to find this type of food.  You better believe we made studenina.  I will share that recipe with you later when we have it perfected!  But in the meantime, here’s a picture:



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Hello there.  It’s been a little while – a little longer than I like or realized.  Time seems to have gotten away from me:  I don’t know how I passed so many hours so quickly and every week it’s hard to believe that another seven days, fourteen days, month has passed.  Not only are the days getting shorter, we had to turn back our clocks and lose another hour of daylight – and now we’re getting to that time of year when everything seems all crammed together – hallothankshanukkchristmasyears – and days fly by in a blur.

But my, I’ve been having fun.  I went to Vegas for my brother’s wedding.  He got married!  To an amazing woman!  And they came out dancing to P.Y.T.!


I tried to find a good photo of them dancing to P.Y.T. but none were up to snuff – I had to make do with the sweet image above.  I met my new sister-in-law for the first time at my own wedding weekend, which was a pretty great party, if I do say so myself.


Photo by Eli Reiman

Don’t you wish you knew what song we were singing?  I do.


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