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The holidays were met with both joy and pain for Jenny and me.  We entered into the Christmas season with the news that Mimi was sick.  While getting sick was nothing new for the 93-year-old matriarch of our family, with each year that passed, “getting sick” became more of and more threatening.  And finally on December 21, 2009 Mimi went to, in her words, “go see Grandaddy.”  With 69 years of marriage, three children, six grandchildren, extensive travels including an around-the-world trip and visit to the Holy Land, and years of cooking and gardening that would put any HGTV or Food Network show to shame, we should all be so lucky to live the life that she lived.  On that note, we should all be so lucky to have the death that she had: surrounded by family in her bed at home.  Just a week before her death, I Skyped with her for the first time ever and to see her you would’ve thought she’d been doing it all of her life!  Isn’t it amazing that in one lifetime she went from horse and buggy to Skype?  We discussed her ice box cookie recipe which, you may recall, I botched TWICE during my cookie-making festivities.  She had gotten wind of my misfortune and wanted to discuss it.  I know the trick now (details to come)!  And in that same week, she herself made multiple batches of the famed cookies.  To our sweet surprise, on Christmas morning each grandchild received a tin of  her ice box cookies.

Mimi's last cookies

And while there were tears, we all celebrated Mimi’s life by gathering together for Christmas and doing what we do best: cooking, eating, and drinking!  On Christmas Eve we had our traditional meal of oyster stew prepared by our cousins, Maggie and Katie.  Appalachicola oysters are some of the best in the world (not that I am biased at all!) and those girls know how to treat them right.

Appalachicola oyster stew

On Christmas Day we had a Mediterranean brunch which was orchestrated by my culinary expert of an aunt, Julie. Jenny and I were sous chefs.  I was more like a sous-sous chef.  The menu looked something like this:



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