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“Spring has sprung!”

On at least a dozen walks around our neighborhood in March and April, I hopped around, kicking up my heels and exclaiming to Dan, “Spring has sprung!”  like a huge dork.  The first day we had temperatures above 60 I was ready to pack up all my winter clothes and haul them up to the attic.  I was so ready for this winter to be over.



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So – it’s official as of May 7th, 2010 I have an MBA!  We celebrated the occasion by having “the dads” – mine and Mike’s – visit for the festivities and a little spring golfing.  We had graduation dinner at a delicious restaurant called John’s.

I first ate at John’s last year when I volunteered for the Boulder Chef’s Up Front Committee.  We were down to the wire and needed one more chef to commit to our lineup.  Our Chair was swamped and so I volunteered to go in and spend money I didn’t have on a meal I didn’t need in order to try to get the chef to participate.  He agreed.  Score for him (my money and now loyalty) and score for me (success).  I digress.

At any rate, we ate at John’s on Friday and then headed to Denver on Saturday night for a lovely steak dinner with my Denver friends and family.  After sending my dad off on Sunday, I spent most of Mother’s Day pampering Mom with a pedicure and lunch.

Since I was in Denver, I took the opportunity to go to one of my two favorite Denver shops, Marczyk’s.  For the record, The Truffle is the other of my two favorites.  It’s such a bummer that I have to strategically plan my visits to Denver in order to frequent these shops.  I love Whole Foods as much as the next person, but I do wish Boulder had more specialty stores like this.  That’s why, in my dreams, I will one day open a specialty food store – similar to Dean and Deluca – in Boulder.  Oh, to dream…wouldn’t that  be paradise?


Pressing the rewind button – Dad and I tooled around Boulder earlier that weekend and stopped at my favorite kitchen store, The Peppercorn.  I purchased two-much needed escargot dishes.

Fast forward to Sunday- what’s a girl to do with escargot dishes if she doesn’t have snails?  And what better place to go for snails than to Marczyk’s?


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I remember a question that a classmate/friend of mine asked me during the fall semester.  She said, “What’s your goal with the blog?” Of course my next question was, “What do you mean?”  As we got further into the discussion, I realized that she was asking about whether or not I was pursuing a revenue model and if so, what it might look like.  Obviously, what other question would a fellow MBA student in my High-Tech Marketing class ask?  And while it was completely appropriate  – even expected, it shocked me that people might assume that I had a motive behind this blog other than the one I had in mind – which was to connect with my sister over food, from a distance, and in a new way.  In my head, the blog was the next best thing to cooking in person with my sister.  Somewhere along this last year it has become even more – it has become a creative outlet for me to share with friends and family about something I enjoy – food.  And when Mike gave me this amazing camera, it fueled my excitement for taking simple, beautiful photos of food and telling people about it.

Here’s the fun and unexpected surprise….

While business school didn’t exactly pave the clearest career path, it did inadvertently encourage me to re-connect with my love of food.  Following a professor’s recommendation, I volunteered last year on this fundraising committee to get involved in the Boulder food world. Here’s my plug for this event that has become so near and dear to me.  The event is called Boulder Chef’s Up Front, which is a program run by a larger nationally based organization called Share Our StrengthBoulder Chef’s Up Front is a culinary event aimed at raising money to support healthy child nutrition in Boulder County.  I felt like I scored by joining this committee for so many reasons: I was able to “give back”, the people are great, the cause is near and dear to  my heart, and the event itself is an evening fueled with flavors and talent from some of the best chefs in Boulder.

And so, without hesitation, I am volunteering again this year. Much to my surprise, the Chair of our planning committee has asked yours truly to be the photographer for the event! So while I had no personal goals for this blog other than the ones I have already acknowledged, it turns out that it has led me to this exciting opportunity.  Who knows what other things will come.

So here’s my plug: please come!  And if you can’t, please enjoy the photos on my blog afterward!  This year’s event will boast the head chefs from A Spice of LifeBoulder ChophouseCentro Latin KitchenColterraL’Atellier/RadexQ’s at the BoulderadoRadda/MateoSALT – the bistroTerroir and The Kitchen Café.

Shifting gears, of course, I can’t leave you without some eye candy although I have no recipes for you today.  Below are some photos that I took of various cooking and food shopping on my recent trip to Toronto to visit Mike’s family.  His sister Eva took me to this fantastic market called the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto.


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This photo is a perfect illustration of what you could see on any road trip in the Panhandle of North Florida or South Georgia.  If you look closely, you will see signs for stone crab, smoked mullet, and boiled peanuts – all at this one roadside stand!

Depending on where you live, it’s probable that you have heard of stone crab (they are fabulous fried!) – and a little less probable that you have heard of mullet fish (the tails are like potato chips when you fry them up) or boiled peanuts.  Boiled what?  I said peanuts, y’all!


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